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Questions about police and FBI recruitment at our Gurudware arise from this dardh (pain) and deep desire to exist in the space that our Gurus envisioned…
Ranger is seen by many in the UK Sikh community as the personification of Indian nationalist attitudes which wants to only subjugate Sikh activism and…
"We should be given proper land ownership rights where our people can live freely"
Mallika Kaur provides a sensitive account of a conflict that is at once oversimplified, poorly understood, and largely ignored
The struggle to maintain and teach the Panjabi language is in many ways a global one.
"It is quite disheartening that the Kaum has reached such a state that our supposed committee members, who seek to run our institutions, are not even…
"Her career tells me that she shares my own Sikh values of justice, defending others, and pursuing a more equitable society."
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