Amaan Bali: Sikh Sadbhavna Dal Challenges SGPC As Kar Sewa Criticisms Grow Louder

The SSD passed a resolution urging the Sikh community to stop contributing Dasvandh to the Kar Sewa Wale Babey

Amaan Bali
August 3, 2021 | 3.5 min. read | Original Reporting

Sikh Sadbhavna Dal (SSD) has started a new campaign to save Sikh heritage sites. SSD has vowed to intensify demonstrations beginning on August 4. 

The protests are led by Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala who has also been protesting for almost 300 days now to bring attention to 328 missing Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Speaking on the stage of a Panthic congregation many people, including Bhai Lovepreet Singh, Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala, Bhai Harpreet Singh, Bhai Manpreet Singh, amongst others, called for a Gurdwara Sudhar Lehar to remove the influence of Badals and Captain from Gurdwara management, and instead put it in the hands of Sikhs which follow the footsteps of Lachman Singh Dharowali. 

In response to news that the SGPC will proceed with the demolition of the Guru Ramdas Sarai, Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala said that SGPC understands that it is the last remaining evidence of the Indian army’s assault on Sikhs. Wadala said that SGPC is playing games with the Panth by seeking damages from the centre and simultaneously weakening the case by demolishing the last remaining evidence of the assault.

Wadala said that three resolutions have been passed to preserve and protect Sikh heritage. 

Resolution 1

The first resolution is that the members of SGPC should seek the advice of experts in architecture and antiquities before beginning any Kar Sewa on any historical building. The opinions of Panthic scholars and experts should be sought in this regard. A resolution should be passed in the General House of SGPC that any building which is 100 years old or more or was a witness to the 1984 assault should not be damaged without consulting the Panth. SSD resolves that it will continue to make Sikhs aware of the wrongdoings of SGPC and also urges SGPC to hand over the Sewa of restoration of Ram Das Sarai to SSD.

Resolution 2

The SSD passed a resolution urging the Sikh community to stop contributing Dasvandh to the Kar Sewa Wale Babey. SSD spoke out to youth to remove the Golaks of Kar Sewa Babas from their Gurdwaras in their localities. It was resolved and urged to boycott Baba Jagtar Singh and Baba Kashmir Singh Bhuriwale. Baba Jagtar Singh has been involved in the demolition of Darshni Deodi of Taran Taran Sahib whereas Baba Kashmir Singh has demolished many Gurdwaras in the name of beautification.

Resolution 3

SGPC is urged to stop the excavation of the Galiara of Sri Darbar Sahib. The work should immediately be stopped as per notification of the Amritsar Development Authority from July 8, 2021. The government has so far sent three notices, Notice no 9616 from July 2, 2021, Notice 9779 from July 6, 2021 and Notice 60 from July 8, 2021. The work has not been stopped by the Shiromani Committee meaning that the work carried out is illegal and in defiance of notices. ASI has also asked the SGPC and ADA (Amritsar Development Authority) to preserve the excavated Bungas and ensure that it is not damaged any further.

All of this comes on the heels of an all Panthic meeting organized by the SGPC. 

SGPC called upon many Panthic leaders and organizations recently to discuss the issues of grooming of Sikh girls and sacrilege cases, however, much to the surprise of many, only people who are allegedly sympathetic to the Badal family were part of the meeting. The meeting was headed by Jathedar Harpreet Singh. 

This story will be updated as new details emerge. 


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