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Interesting interview with pointed questions : can’t help notice how fragmented the community is : so many factions and groups each at loggerheads : this is exactly the root cause of the problem. 2nd, How can a person claim to encourage education and advancement when he himself “had no interest” in education but chose an easier ‘transportation’ occupation. The problem is lack of intellectual pursuits as a culture. The community suffers when such low educated, rural folks wrestle their way to ‘leadership’ mainly fueled to satisfy their own egos than any real intention for Sewa. Blaming the left is easy, but there’s a reason why the ‘left’ attracts intelligentsia and intellectually leaning folks. Plus, the leftist ideology of equal rights / equal opportunity aligns perfectly with Sikh values. The community needs a grassroots level effort to upskill our next generation esp. financial wisdom , skill development , entrepreneurship etc.

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