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Now the Sikh have woken from the slumber and must not give in till Punjab gets its status as an independent state. Nothing short of this should be accepted and open shart courses for youngsters to enter politics. I went to Gurdwara and spoke to few youngsters if they had been to the referendum they answered no because they said who will be running the country jasvir Badal or Arminder both thugs where is the new blood all gone abroad and no prospects in India Last week end went to city centre met few youngsters a Sikh I asked if he had been to referendum said no, He said he is not an Indian when i asked how old was he he said 28 and I asked him was he born in UK said no , I told him I am 84 and was not born in India but still went to put my vote because if we Sikh no matter where we are born must support the fellow sikh in Punjab he then said to let those corrupt politicians get more power i agreed that if punjab were to gett its freedom we must get rid of the old politicians especially the Badal Clan who have installed equally corrupt people in Akal takhat So a reform is wanted if the Punjab is to be salvaged the only way it will happen if we were to study the granth sahib and put that message through education of giving every one to understand and make the word dalit illegal we are all equal annd need to have equality not that one clan takes over as it is now. I went to India first time in 1956and was harrassed and came to UK and joined the Armed forces without any problem and wore a turban and still do . So please be like the Jews and get your own state and not only that issue a Fatwa and say you want Sajjan Kumar charged for inciting hatred like jews do. only last month a 96 year woman was extradited for her invovement in East Germany during the jewish genocide Let the world know that Sikh have had enough. In India the Sikh community can not even speak for their heroes look up how they disrespected Brigadier Pritam Singh aka Sherbacha to Kashmiri but Indian Military cashiered him charging him for stealing a carpet but they could not take away his MC awarded by BritainYou will always be slaves if you will not pursue this now and be bold enough to stress upon the world and get Britain to sort it out their created problem read the history of israel the british said that it was administering Middle east under UN charter but india was their colony or part of india n empire and so were responsible for weakning Sikh nation by agreement with the Congress so dont just stop there get britain involved to get justice .

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