While tragic, such incidents are a reflection of a continuous moral degradation of culture in Punjab similar to some backward states where hooliganism and thug culture run the roost. The article also does a bad job in promoting deplorable right wing , pathetic ‘panthic’ agenda typically espoused by semi-literate folks unable to deal with changes that favor educated, highly skilled professions . For the record, traditional Punjab is what is under Pakistani occupation. The ‘Punjab’ on the Indian side was a state called ‘Patiala and East Punjab states union’ until the 60s ! Please go and bark up the right tree and demand they leave the occupied west Punjab. 99.99% of Real Sikhs are very proud and highly patriotic people who strongly condemn and look down upon such pathetic ‘Panthic’ folks.

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Patiala and East Punjab states was a Frankenstein state that existed post partition to appease Hindus in suppressing Sikhs.

Do you know how Pakistanis got West Punjab? Hindus gave away for free, continuing their tradition of giving up land to Muslims for 1000 years. They even continued this tradition with Kashmir a year into their azaadi after a millennium of being slaves to foreigners.

Real Sikhs lol. Come on man, use a different word, its pretty obvious what you are.

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Jun 14, 2022·edited Jun 14, 2022

West Punjab was the erstwhile Sikh Empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. East Punjab / Patiala were minor principalities , Patiala being a loyal British stooge. Sikhs suffered mainly because Of Nehru’s deep rooted resentment of the Sikhs and usual factionalism and petty squabbles the Sikh ‘leadership’ has always displayed. Real Sikhs are mazhabi Sikhs - the former ‘lower castes’ who were the first ones to embrace Sikhism in letter and spirit. Unfortunately, some people who do not follow Sikhism in letter and spirit, have elbowed their way to ‘leadership’ roles and are dragging the community through mud with their wanton acts, confrontational attitudes and petty feudal mindsets (and a false sense of entitlement).

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